“What’s In a Name? – War of Words”


It is time to stop calling a “spade” a shovel.  There are two types of watches – “genuine and fake.”  Then why are “counterfeit” watches called “replicas” by the sellers’ of these “counterfeits?”


  1. “…an exact copy or model of something.”


  1. “…truly what something is said to be; authentic.”

Acknowledgement:  Webster dictionary.

Now, as close as these counterfeit (fake) watches are getting to the genuine in appearance, and they truly are getting mighty close in appearance with the latest breed of “Ultra Super Fakes”, they cannot under any stretch of the imagination be termed “replicas.”

Genuine “luxury” brands are the epitome of Haute Horology – that is watchmaking at its highest level. Some cynics may understand it to refer more specifically to high dollar watchmaking rather than to high quality watchmaking, but make no mistake designing, developing and manufacturing a new movement is the highest level of “Haute Horology.”  Remember that it took Horologists 107 years just to turn a simple chronograph into a self-winding chronograph timepiece!

It took literally years for Rolex to develop its new “Parachrom™” balance spring and its new “Paraflex™” shock protection feature.  And adding a blue “Cerachrom” bezel to their new model GMT took years of research and testing!

Cerachom (Rolex’s own version of ceramic) was first introduced on the GMT in 2005, and for years we were told that making a two-tone ceramic anything was impossible. But this year, Rolex built a mono-block cerachrom bezel by a patented process that actually has the bezel start off as completely blue, and while still porous, adding the black coloring to the other half of the bezel.  So, this isn’t two pieces of ceramic next to each other but instead it is  a singular piece.  And Rolex is the only brand in the world to produce something like this. It’s so difficult to do that Rolex was able to obtain a patent for the process.

There is no way that counterfeiters in their wildest dreams could develop or “replicate” these ultra-advanced developments.  Nor can they “replicate” the “silicon” balance wheels used by the luxury manufacturer OMEGA in their in-house 8500 range of calibers.

Therefore, the word “replica” as used by these counterfeits sales companies is not “Haute Horology” but an incorrect play on words.

Furthermore, if we add the after sales service, warranty periods of 5 years, new intervals between servicing of 10 years then the gap between “genuine” and “replica” (fake/counterfeit) watches gets wider and wider apart.

Care to spot the “genuine” from the “replica” (counterfeit/fake)?

Or again here, with the very heavily counterfeited Panerai

sadaffaCare to spot the inconsistencies now between genuine and “replica” (counterfeit/fake)?

Actually, these “fakes” tend to replicate themselves. Inherent mistakes made by one counterfeiter tends to be “replicated” by the next counterfeiter as can be seen here.

As we can see above, the fake has spelled Moscow as “MOSCUW” – we can only wonder what attention the counterfeiters paid to the movement quality.

vzdfgFake watches – or so termed “replicas” are bad news to the industry because they make up 8% of the world trade in watches.  Some 40 million fake watches are made every year compared to 30 million genuine Swiss watches.  I am seeing people being “duped” out of large sums of money nearly every day all in the name of “replica.”