U.S. Watch Co.(Waltham) Pocket Watches

In 1884, with Charles V. Woerd as one of its stockholders, the United States Watch Company was established. Woerd is well known in the history of pocket watches for the work he did with the American Waltham Watch Company.

Woerd created a stem wound 16-size ¾ plate pocket watch that had a unique dome in the center in order to house the center wheel because the mainspring barrel was unusually wide. Because the movement was so unique, a special case needed to be produced specifically fitted to this design. Though vastly different than other pocket watches of the time, this design was not as popular as Woerd had hoped and only 3,000 were produced before he left the company in 1887.

Shortly after Woerd left the company, before selling out to the E. Howard Watch Co. in 1903, the US Watch Company produced another, more popular model, of a pocket watch; this one with an expansion balance, quick train and lever escapement. The company produced 890,000 watches before they stopped production in 1896.