Railroad Badges

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers was the national association for railroad engineers. The national association was comprised of various local chapters throughout the United States. When the National Association would have their yearly convention the various local chapters would send their representatives to attend, and each representative would wear their badge that represented their local chapter. The badges shown here represent the Mount Rainier – 836 local chapter. At the end of the convention the representatives would return their badges to the head of the local chapter for safe keeping so they could be reissued the following year to the representatives who held the position named on the badge. These badges have the following titles; Delegate, Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, Secretary-Treasurer, Chaplain, and Guide.

It is unusual when such badges are discovered that one will find 8 different titles let alone the original case in which they were kept. This set is therefore very special and it is only the second one I have seen in 10-years of collecting railroad pocket watches and badges.