Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon – Culmination of a Luxury Brand

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The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon men’s wristwatch, model number 5002P, is arguably among the world’s hardest-to-acquire continuously manufactured timepieces. Prized by collectors as a rare find, the watch is typically priced at approximately $1,450,000. Not even Patek Philippe’s Yellow Gold iteration of the Tourbillon is as rare. The Sky Moon Tourbillon features a Geneva seal and Poire hands. The elliptical sky vault of the watch shows the visible sky’s current orientation.

The reverse of the sky dial shows the 29-day, 12-hour, 44-minute, 2.82-second lunar revolution cycle and includes hands showing the sidereal hour. After close to two centuries in the business of making fine watches, Patek Philippe of Geneva, Switzerland, remains one of the world’s iconic luxury brands.

Today among Geneva’s best-known companies of any kind, Patek Philippe began with Antoine-Norbert de Patek, who established himself in the city in 1839. His meeting with technical wizard Jean-Adrien Philippe in 1844 enabled the men’s combined firm to turn out an increasing range of elegant, precision timepieces.