Patek Philippe Creates Unique Shakespearean Commemorative Piece

Stratford-upon-Avon is home to none other than legendary playwright, William Shakespeare. The famous English playwright wrote 37 known plays and 154 sonnets that continue to have a tremendous impact on the literary world. To this day, many of his plays are still required for study in most school curriculums. Though where he lived isn’t what most focus on, it played quite the role in a recent gesture in honoring the Bard and the 400th anniversary of his passing.

shake1In honor of Shakespeare, and to commemorate the anniversary of his death, George Pragnell has commissioned a one of a kind Patek Phillippe Dome clock that displays famous scenes from Shakespearean plays. Pragnell felt a personal connection to the Bard as his family purchased a Tudor building on Wood Street for their jewelry business that Shakespeare frequented often. This building has been in Pragnell’s family since they purchased it in 1954.

shape2             The commemorative piece has three panels depicting three different plays. The first scene is the well-known balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. The version of the scene that is depicted on the clock is based on a Frank Bernard Dicksee original that he painted in 1884. The other two panels include a portrait of Richard III and a scene from The Merry Wives of Windsor. The dome of the piece is also enameled, and illustrates the opening scene of The Tempest: Prospero’s storm. Incorporated within this scene on the dome, there is also a portrait of Shakespeare himself.

shape3             In order to achieve such exceptional artisan level artwork for the timepiece, the craftsmen on this project utilized the Limoges Enamel technique. Using miniature enamel techniques, a combined 97 colors and 27 total firings at 850 degrees, the result was a truly one of a kind piece. Pieces such as this one can leave even those that are not a part of the horologist community in awe.