Otay Watch Company Pocket Watches


In 1889, near the Mexican Southern California border, the company that produced some of today’s most valuable pocket watches because of their rarity was formed. This company was the Otay Watch Factory. The company’s primary goal was to sell exclusively to Mexico.

The theory of the founders was that the virgin Mexican market would make for easy profit. And so they purchased the equipment they would need to manufacture their pocket watches from the American Watch Tool Company and in May of 1890, produced their first product. However, the quality of their watches was less than par and their initial 7 jewel models were not successful.
The company was not discouraged and proceeded to construct a 15 Jewel model. When the Otay Watch Factory presented this pocket watch to the President of Mexico, he was highly impressed. The president proclaimed it as the “Official Railroad Watch of Mexico.” Despite this monumental success business wise, the Otay Watch Company was unfortunately unable to conquer their issues with producing a quality product. Merely a year after being established, all watchmaking for the company came to a halt.

A Closeup of an 18 size Otay Watch Company Dial with roman numerals.

A Closeup of an 18 size Otay Watch Company F. A. Kimball Movement Type 2.