Melrose Pocket Watch


Despite the protests of founder Aaron L. Dennison, the shareholders of the Tremont Watch Company made the decision to relocate the company to Melrose, Massachusetts. Angry that his opinion was not honored and his company was relocated, Dennison withdrew himself from the company and predicted that the company would not survive the move.

The relocation took place in 1866 and location was not the only change that the company underwent. . Previously the Tremont Watch Company would import the escapements and expansion balances from Switzerland, but in the new factory, they began manufacturing all components for their pocket watches. New movements created were engraved with the new company name, the Melrose Watch Company.
There are some antique pocket watches from this time that will be found to have a Melrose inscription on the dial and Tremont engraved in the movement due to the company overlap. The company did not live long and before it was sold to the English Watch Company.