Hampden Pocket Watches

1877- 1930

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the New York Watch Company (previously the Mozart Watch Company) factory burned down in 1870. When the factory was rebuilt seven years after the devastating fire, the company was reorganized and renamed as the Hampden Watch Company.

The company produced pocket watches using cases purchased from the Dueber Watch Case Company of Newport, Kentucky. On one of his trips to the Springfield factory, owner of this watch case company, John Dueber took a strong interest in the Hampden Watch Company. Dueber bought a controlling interest in Hampden and combined it with his watch case company. The fusion of the two companies lead to the company being rechristened as the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company.

Dueber knew that the Springfield factory was too small, but there was no plausible way to enlarge the factory in in current location. Due to this, Dueber decided both the Newport factory and Springfield factory would be joined into one brand new factory in Canton, Ohio. The factory merge was completed sometime in the spring of 1888.

Antique pocket watches that were produced in this factory will be found to be branded with either Hampden Watch company, HWCO, John C Dueber, or the Dueber Watch Co., Canton, Ohio. Armen Hammer bought the watch factory along with all of its machinery and supplies and moved it all to Russia to be used in his newly made watch company, the Amtorg Watch Co.