Fredonia Pocket Watches


In April of 1880, E.D. Howard and C.M. Howard organized the Fredonia Watch Company. The two men, both from Fredonia, New York decided to form the company when they made the decision that the Independent Watch Company would make its own movements. The brother’s patent medicine business and watch factory coexisted in the same building.

The brother’s created a key wound pocket watch at first which was released in 1883. The brother’s initial model was a success, with them purchasing some parts, such as the dials, balances and hairsprings, and then making the rest. The Howards made a pivotal mechanism change to their original movement and switch from the key wound pocket watch to a stem wound. The change was so expensive that it drastically affected their numbers.
Before the debt became too much of a burden, the brother’s had their salesman, J. C. Adams, travel to Illinois to pitch the idea of creating a factory in the city of Peoria. The city accepted the offer and donated 5 acres of land to the cause. The deal was made in 1885 and the company became the Peoria Watch Company.

A Large View of a Fredonia Culver Anti-Magnetic Special Marked adjusted 18 size movement

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