Dudley Pocket Watches

1920 – 1925

The Dudley Pocket Watch was created by William Wallace Dudley. Dudley had a long history in working with pocket watches. He moved to Waltham, Massachusetts from Canada when he was young and started working for the Waltham Watch Company. He continued to work making pocket watches with different companies as they opened and moving on when they shut down. He worked for the Illinois Watch Company, the South Bend Watch Company, the Trenton Watch Company, and the Hamilton Watch company.

With all of his acquired experience working with these companies, Dudley set out to design his own watch factory at the age of 69. Dudley’s design was iconic in the history of the pocket watch due to the bridge plates being in the form of Masonic Symbols. When Dudley showed his original prototype to Lancaster Jewelers George W. Adams and John B. Wood, they became quite interested and with Dudley, they created the Dudley Watch Company.

The company solely manufactured the winding and setting mechanisms of their watches and would use cases from other companies, such as the Wadsworth Watch Case Company, the Keystone Watch case Company, and the Star Watch Case Company to house their mechanisms. The hands of these watches were imported from Switzerland.
Though the Dudley pocket watches were ultimately a very attractive piece, its first watch being completed in 1922, and the company did not last long. The Dudley Watch Company was so far in debt by 1925, that Dudley was forced to file for bankruptcy on February 20 of that year.