Aurora Pocket Watches

1883 -1892

The Aurora watch company was established in July 1883. Although they were only open for nine years, the company managed to produce over 105,000 pocket watches. At $100 for each individual share, the company managed a capital of $250,000 and were given land in the city of Aurora, Illinois.

They began building a factory which was finished in February of 1884. Aurora’s first completed pocket watch followed in October later that year. The company was unique in that it claimed to sell exclusively to only one business or individual dealer per city. The factory superintendent, George F. Johnson developed the company’s patented stem-wind attachment that was included in the companies earliest pocket watch models.

Typically the company employed 150-200 factory workers with an output average of 150 watches per day. The company’s two most popular models in old pocket watch collections are the Aurora Sidewinder and the Aurora 15 Ruby Jewel movements. The company was forced to sell out to the Hamilton Watch Company in 1892.

A closeup view of an 18 Size 15 Jewel Aurora 5th pinion Hunting movement

A closeup view of an 18 Size 11 Jewel Aurora Keywind movement

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