Seth Thomas Pocket Watches


1870 – 1876

After many years of successful clock production, the Seth Thomas Clock Company decided to venture into pocket watch production. With already being an established clock company, it was easily feasible for the company to produce the machinery needed by using the pre-existing factories used for their clock making operation.

They built and opened their watch making factory in 1884. And the very next year they released their first pocket watch models. The first Seth Thomas watches that were released were 18-size, 11 jeweled and stem wind. Within a year, production rates had increased to 100 movements per day and by the time the company stopped manufacturing pocket watches in 1915, they had produced approximately 3.6 million watches.

A closeup view of an 18 size 15 jewel Cornell John Evans Pocket Watch movement

A closeup view of an 18 size Cornell Pocket Watch dial

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